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Bayamo City Tour-Colonial Carriage Ride

The first part of the tour takes place in the colonial carriages, and  you will visit the main sites of historical-cultural-heritage value of the monument city, with interpretive stops so that the client has the opportunity to enjoy each place closely. To conclude with a walking tour of the historic center of Bayamo. The excursion will begin at the request of the client, it takes around 1h30 mins, starting from the Parque de los coches. 

*Throughout the tour a specialized bilingual guide will accompany you.


*Altarpiece of the Heroes

*Hymn Square and San Salvador de Bayamo Cathedral

*Dolorosa Chapel

*Francisco Vicente Aguilera Monument, forerunner of Cuban independence

*Mother’s Park. Monument to the mothers

*First Catholic tomb of America, where Dona Isabel de Acelar lies, in the convent of San Francisco de Asís

*Cuadra de los presidentes

*Cuba’s most famous window: Luz Vázquez y Moreno’s house, where the first romantic song of Cuba was sung “La Bayamesa´´

*Musum Ñico López (Former Barracks Carlos M. de Céspedes)

*Street of Excellence

*Homeland Square




The VIP excursions will have a classic American car and a professional photographer guide that will show you the best places and help you take the photos of your choice.



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