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Trinidad with overnight VIP

During the day, there is a tour to Bahía de Cochinos (the Bay of Pigs) where they will visit the Crocodile Farm, unique in Cuba and the Caribbean, and the beautiful Bay of the Caribbean Sea where the Americans tried to enter in 1961 and then take Trinidad. You will stay in Trinidad, you can enjoy the night of the old city with its bars and restaurants. And on the morning of the next day, there is a tour to the beautiful city of Cienfuegos. Meals and lodging are not included in the tour price. The prices of the meals vary from 15 to 17 cuc per person and the lodging 30 cuc the room for two and possibly up to three persons.

Pick up at the hotel 6:00 am and return the next day 6:00 pm



The VIP excursions will have a classic American car and a professional photographer guide that will show you the best places and help you to take the photos of your preference.



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